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Ashton:And I’m sure you’ve heard it all before But you never really had a doubt And I don’t believe, it doesn’t hurt anybody Something feels the way I do Without you now

Luke:Uh uh uh, Aussie rap will never die Aussie rap yeah

Ashton:Uh uh uh [grips balls]

Luke:Cause I’ll be up in the west of Sydney, you know I do it hard You know I do it hard, in the butt yeah, with the card You know I’m doing everything from the street You know nothing to beat my beat to beat uh

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hey guys!! so you know how we’ve been trying to make this “new fandom” thing?? well we made one!! its not a fandom, but it is a group within a fandom :) so you know if you’re sick of the drama just go to 5soslovefam and we could just be like chill!! i swear it will be lots of fun :) we could just fangirl together lol 

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luke is either really dorky or really hot there is no in between 

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i kind of have a feeling that calums the type of person who just goes up to ashton, farts and runs away before he gets mad

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Ashton Irwin - a mood book 

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